Sexuality & Gender Identity

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

My Syllabus

This is really just an Outline, I'll update it in new posts if I feel the need, this is based off my teachers outline, but mine will be pretty different with the use of my own research.

Class Description:
"Comprehension & Composition Within the Lens of Gender"
In this class you'll learn more about the world and gender. In this class you'll view a few texts. There will be assignments and "extra credit" things. As you can't honestly earn credits from this class, you can earn a grade of how well you take in the information, not if you'll get credit or anything.
The texts we'll study will be in the forms of videos, music, short stories, novels, interviews, essays, and poetry.

Class Units:
0. Why Study Gender
0.5. History of Gender
1. Invisible People
2. The Brain and Gender
3. Definitions of Gender Identities and their Perspectives
4. War on Gender
5. Peace on Gender
6. Theories of Gender and other intersecting topics
7. Civil Movement of Rights

There will be due dates, there will be work, have fun! This won't be that bad, to be honest.

Grading for Interested Parties:
You either get a Study-Better, Ask-for-Help, or a Doing-Good!
No A's, B's, C's, or F's.
This ain't real school.

This is...

So, I'm a student in High School taking a Gender Studies Class, this is my own curriculum with bits and pieces from my teachers curriculum of the class of Gender Studies. Enjoy!
Treat this as a class, send your answers and work into either the comments section or, well, I'll come up with a second option.